God did a very good thing for us when he helped Dr. Gail Hepburn with her chiropractic business, very conscientious in how she treats her patient's (Like living human beings), with a life to live, pain free. I've been with Dr Hepburn for over twenty years and have been totally satisfied with the results I feel. The other two I've tried have not even come close. I would recommend her to any and everyone. Thank you Dr. Gail. Rating - 5 Stars

Gregory D.

I just loved going there. Dr. Gail helped me w/back pain & headaches. This made things relaxing when I left after my visits. Just what my dr. ordered ?.. I'm feeling so much better & know how 2 handle any future pain. She taught me that 2. My Grandchildren loved coming & learning about what u were doing 2 their Nana. Thank u 4 helping me & enriching my Grandchildren's minds. ILY, ??!!!! Rating - 5 Stars

Cynthia F.

Hepburn Chiropractic is the best place to receive services in if its for back pain, neck pain, headaches or auto/work related injuries. I have known Dr. Gail Hepburn for more than 10 years. She is a very caring friendly and energetic person. Her patients are very important for her. You become part of her family since you meet her. Dr. Hepburn is very gentle when it comes to your treatment. The hours a very flexible to meet everyones needs. Rating - 5 Stars

Jasmine F.

I wouldn't go to anyone else if I could get to Dr. Hepburn on a normal basis. She is an expert in the chiropractic field, and I highly recommend her abilities!!! Please seek her out for any and all complications you may be suffering from. You will not regret it! Rating - 5 Stars

Serenity J.

I have been a patient of Dr. Hepburn. I can attest to her excellent Chiropractic practice. She took great care in treating my back problems. She would explain what she was doing in detail as she work on particular problematic areas. The treatment rooms were always clean. Whenever I called she would respond promptly with answers. I highly recommend Hepburn Chiropractic. Rating - 5 Stars

Ian G.

Dr. Hepburn is by far one of the best chiropractic in Boston maybe even Massachusetts. Her technique is flawless and she does her job with great passion. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Rating - 5 Stars

Jessica C.

Thank you Gail for being the very best at what you do, please continue being a blessing to your patients, we love and appreciate you dearly. Rating - 5 Stars

Rai R.

I met Dr. Hepburn many years ago and was grateful to have found such a knowledgeable, caring and warm practitioner. I felt at home in her office and with her staff. No one works harder than Dr. Hepburn. Rating - 5 Stars

Rhonda R.

I've always felt my healing starts from the time I open the door at Hepburn Chiropractic. You feel the warmth of welcome, and comfort of knowing you will be taken good care of. I will always keep reccomending Dr. Gail. Rating - 5 Stars

Toni L.

of particular importance is the fact that this is small family business where they make you feel like you are one of the family....!!! keep up the excellent work and #Bravo too!! highly recommended!! Rating - 5 Stars

Goodgenesinc T.

Thank you for providing an alternative to holistic healing. Appreciate that you are open to help and health people who are chronological suffering. Appreciate your honest business, Rating - 5 Stars

Eileen N.

Awesome service! Will return and recommend to others so they can experience the best. Rating - 5 Stars

Janell P.

You are a chiropractor who is thought the world of!! ?? ?? ?? ?? ... I am so proud of you ....always <3 !!! Rating - 5 Stars

Maggie E.

I have severe back pain and Dr. Gail has helped me a lot I love her. Rating - 5 Stars

Natesha S.

Exceptional service,caring doctor... goes above and beyond for patients. The BEST!!! 10 years to validate! Rating - 5 Stars

Felicia B.

Best Chiropractor EVER!!!!!! She is a very welcoming Dr & her mother as well! They're very caring, kind, respectful & have flexible hours! Dr Hepburn is very good at what she does & has many years of experience! Highly recommend her! Rating - 5 Stars

Heather R.

Amazing! Her hours are very flexible she is very caring and kind. Her personality will brighten up your day! Rating - 5 Stars

Milena J.

Rating - 5 Stars

Charles W.

Rating - 5 Stars

Jeannettehenderson H.

Rating - 5 Stars

M Dot H.

Rating - 5 Stars

TayrickiA A.

Rating - 5 Stars

Lilly D.

Rating - 5 Stars

Rudy J.

Rating - 5 Stars

Lisa L.

Rating - 5 Stars

Kim B.

Rating - 5 Stars

Pamela S.

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